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Effective Ways to Promote Your Arts and Craft in the New Normal

It cannot be denied that the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a massive change in society. Change in interests and behavior of consumers has been observed by experts, which makes it more challenging for specific industries to thrive in the so-called “new normal.” In particular, the arts and craft industry is having a huge problem when it

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A Creative Rescue: 3 Reasons Art Can Save The Planet

Earth is dying. It’s a statement you’ll see on cardboard signs held up by environmental activists marching in the streets for campaigns like Africa is not a Dumpster and Fridays for Future. It’s what you’ll hear in Greta Thunberg’s speeches and read in Rachel Carson’s books. Political debates about climate change are useless; people want policy

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The Art of Skill: Capabilities Every Graphic Designer Must Have

The creative industry is teeming of opportunities that will allow you to express yourself, explore different types of aesthetics, and be part of communication campaigns that change lives. Advertising, branding, and web design companies are always on the lookout for inspired designers. These professionals do not just have an affair with lines, shapes, and colors.

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How to Shoot Overhead Videos for YouTube and Facebook

Unless you have been living under the rock and have disconnected yourself from the internet for the past few years, chances are you have seen YouTube and Facebook videos with an overhead shooting style. This became popular with the “Tasty” series of videos from BuzzFeed, which shows recipe demos step-by-step with the camera placed overhead.

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How to Take Instagram-worthy Photos

Artists and professional photographers use the power of Instagram to showcase their work. And many of us take inspiration from their accounts to take and post our own photos. We usually only have our phone camera as a tool. But it’s not just about your equipment, photography has some basic rules that you can apply

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Guide to Transforming a Dated Home Into a Modern Rustic Haven

It’s not uncommon for Americans to dwell in homes older than 20 years. The median age of homes in the country is 37 years, but if you reside in the Northeast regions, the median house age there is approximately 57-58 years. If you live in an old home for a while now, chances are it


Some Tips Before You Quit Your Day Job to Become an Artist

So you’re thinking about quitting your day job to become a full-time artist. Congratulations! It’s an exciting step towards a fulfilling career, but just like any jump towards a new job, you need to think about some key aspects about the nitty-gritty business aspect of it. Yes, art is a business: you are the producer,

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