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The Demand for Creatives: Why Businesses Need Marketing Visionaries

The world of digital marketing is as vast as it is complex. Some people think that marketing is easy compared to finance or manufacturing, but that would be like comparing apples to carrots. These industries can’t be compared to one another simply because they exist in different leagues. While the finance and manufacturing industries are

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Digital Marketing: the Visual Punch

People love visuals. This accounts for the popularity of Instagram. According to Hubspot, as of 2021, there are a billion Instagram users monthly worldwide, with 90 percent of them following a business and 83 percent having discovered at least one new service or product on it. Data from Oberlo shows that among U.S. businesses, 71


The Business of Video Podcasts: Creating Useful and Engaging Content

Marketing has never been as diverse as it is now. With podcasts, video podcasts, social media, and the Internet accessible from virtually every corner of the world, you can reach markets millions of miles away from you. Video podcasts, in particular, are offering a unique way to reach your market. These are an engaging series


How Technology Has Influenced the Design Sector

We are in a time when technology is integrated into our daily lives. It is present in most of what we do, almost to a point where we are dependent on it. From waking up in the morning to our alarm, to ordering food for takeout over the internet, even up to controlling the lights

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Why People are Paying So Much for Celebrity Items

Michael Jordan’s shoes during his 1985 season with the Chicago Bulls sold for more than $500,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. A pair of sneakers — specifically the red Air Jordan XIIs size 13 — that he wore during the infamous Flu Game (Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz) sold for

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Product Photography: Boosting Your Marketing with Photos That Sell

When it comes to branding, product photography isn’t usually the first thing that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind. The focus will be on logos, taglines, colors, and themes as these elements are used to represent a brand or a company in their online and offline marketing efforts. However, content consumption habits are growing and a

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The Art of Skill: Capabilities Every Graphic Designer Must Have

The creative industry is teeming of opportunities that will allow you to express yourself, explore different types of aesthetics, and be part of communication campaigns that change lives. Advertising, branding, and web design companies are always on the lookout for inspired designers. These professionals do not just have an affair with lines, shapes, and colors.

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How to Shoot Overhead Videos for YouTube and Facebook

Unless you have been living under the rock and have disconnected yourself from the internet for the past few years, chances are you have seen YouTube and Facebook videos with an overhead shooting style. This became popular with the “Tasty” series of videos from BuzzFeed, which shows recipe demos step-by-step with the camera placed overhead.

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Every Design Detail a Cosmetics Company Needs to Prioritize

The cosmetics industry remains a lucrative sector because of its growing list of customers. Men and women line up to purchase the beauty products in stores, which means that entering the market with your brand is an ideal venture. However, you will find that customers will have preferences. Established companies will have more supporters because

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